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Dive Trip to Fujairah – UAE

Dive Trip to Fujairah – UAE

AED 500 AED 350 / USD 95

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Plunge into the azure waters of Fujairah, the UAE, and go for an experience of an unforgettable underwater adventure. Find yourself wading through its vibrant coral reefs, uncovering a host of marine biodiversity, and diving into one of the most scintillating destinations in the Emirates.

Course Content:

  • Explore Underwater Wonders of Fujairah: Delve into a world of breathtaking marine biodiversity within the pristine reefs and underwater landscapes of Fujairah.
  • Dive Site Orientation: Learn about the top dive sites in Fujairah, including key features, marine life encounters, and safety considerations.
  • Underwater Navigation: Learn and master the techniques of safely and confidently navigating Fujairah's crystal-clear waters through hidden caves, coral gardens, and underwater formations.
  • Marine Life Identification: Identification and observation of the big diversity of marine species that inhabit Fujairah's underwater ecosystems, ranging from colorful reef fish and turtles to rays, and even sharks.
  • Environmental Awareness: Understand marine conservation in Fujairah, how it works, and how to reduce your footprint within the fragile marine environment while diving.

Dive Trip to Fujairah – UAE

Our dive trips are exclusively for certified divers, so you can rest assured that you'll be diving alongside fellow experienced enthusiasts.

Take This If You Want to

  • Explore stunning dive sites in Dubai with certified diving professionals.
  • Enjoy hassle-free diving experiences with organized boat trips and logistics.
  • RDive in clear waters and discover vibrant marine life in Dubai's seas.
  • Expand your diving skills and gain confidence in boat diving.
  • Connect with fellow divers and create unforgettable memories on board.

Package includes

  • Boat Trip in open Sea at UAE’s eastern coast
  • No swimming skills needed
  • Duration up to 4 hours
  • Briefing about Scuba Diving
  • Practice in shallow waters
  • Well experienced instructor
  • 45 MINUTES Min Underwater Scuba Diving
  • Free of charge Underwater Photos and Videos
  • soft Drinks and Snacks on Boat
  • Minimum age 10 years
  • Full scuba equipment provided

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